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Time Magazine and Civil Discourse

Here is a link to a Time Magazine discussion on the question “Are we becoming an uncivil society?” The magazine asked 16 people in the public discourse to respond to the question. I find a few things quite interesting about … Continue reading

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The Logic of Conservatives

I have been pondering lately the nature of both political factions in the country. Within the eyes of the rest of the world, America is an essentially conservative country. This is tied, mainly, to the complete embrace of a free-market … Continue reading

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Augustine and Sexuality

As someone who has studied Augustine pretty extensively (and continues to do so), I’m always interested in what people say about him. Of particular interest to me are feminist approaches to Augustine. Many of these approaches rightfully critique his downgrading … Continue reading

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Interpretive Charity

Evan Kuehn has a nice post over at Clavi non defixi on interpretive charity. The basics are that interpretive charity does not mean being nice and not disagreeing with someone, but in actually assuming that someone is making a good … Continue reading

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FAIR “Awards”

Every year FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) publishes its annual “awards” for those who have done the most inaccurate reporting. What I found most interesting was the criticism of “liberal” media outlets (or, perhaps better defined, media outlets not … Continue reading

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