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A Few Thoughts on Guys, Girls, and Work: Or, a Quick Response to Peter Heck

Peter Heck is a guy I went to college with and who graduated a few years ahead of me. I remember him and he has become a high school teacher and a conservative radio show host. This is all well … Continue reading

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Oscar Romero on May Day

Today is May Day. May Day is a day that, in much of the world, people are committed to the cause of organized labor and overcoming the class consciousness that has so engulfed our world. Much of this takes a … Continue reading

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Jason Collins, Gay Rights, and Disagreement

I am a big sports fan and am very interested in how social issues play out in sports. I would love to give my various musings on a plethora of topics, but I don’t have time. But, in light of … Continue reading

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Homosexuality and the Common Good

I’ve been reading Chuck Gutenson’s Christians and the Common Good. It’s a good read and I’m thinking of developing a small group on Christianity and politics for the Fall from it. But, in reading, I came across the following quote … Continue reading

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Evil Goldman Sachs

I’m not convinced that Goldmn Sachs is evil per se, but I do think that they are the spirit of antichrist. Anyway, here’s an interesting article in Foreign Policy on the role of Goldman Sachs in the current food crisis. … Continue reading

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Update on Huffington Post

Since I critiqued the media in my last post for failing to criticize the Huffington Post move to AOL, I thought I should correct myself. There are a few people that have now come out a little unnerved about the … Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts

First, I like this article on the legacy of Reagan. People forget that he was the one who perpetuated the US towards the crisis it currently finds itself within. Second, the Huffington Post was sold to AOL for $315 million. … Continue reading

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